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Today's children spend more time sitting than ever before. A good sitting posture is critical for their body’s healthy growth and eye sight. As one of the best furniture shop in KL, Sunperry Kids introduce to you our Ergonomic Study Desks which are designed specifically to promote good posture in children and young people.

Does your child sit with CORRECT POSTURE?

  •   Improper reading distance that causes short-sightedness.
  •   Slouching that results in hunchback and scoliosis problems.
  •   Hips not resting on the seat and feet off the ground, children get tired and lose focus easily.
  •   No suitable desk can be used for writing, reading and drawing.
  •   Unable to adjust table height for children of different age and height, resulting in unhealthy sitting posture.

IMPORTANCE of correct sitting posture !

  •   Minimises eye strain and reduces vision problems.
  •   Supports the healthy development of child's spine, minimises the risk of hunchback and scoliosis.
  •   With both feet firmly on the floor, will improved child's blood circulation and increased focus.
  •   Improve good balance of muscle strength and flexibility for writing, reading and drawing.
  •   Height adjustable features to save time and money, the study desk that grows with your child.

Multifunctional Designs for Different Usages

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How our Ergonomic Study Desks assist your children on learning.

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Sunperry Kids

Ergonomic Kids Study Desk For Your Children

Our ergonomic desk and chair set —— Prostar 1 and Prostar 2 are designed to be easily adjusted to suit children ergonomic needs. Each piece of furniture is perfectly designed and adapted to grow with your children, ensuring proper posture and fostering healthy living throughout the children development.

Children are protected from the following problems while studying for long periods:
▪ Bad Posture
▪ Hunchback
▪ Eye Strain or Short Sightedness
▪ Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain
▪ Leg Numbness

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