Does your child sit with correct posture?

How your child could study effectively
May 17, 2018

Does your child sit with correct posture?


Do you often convey these warning messages to your children and request them to have a proper sitting position at their study desk with their back straight? Albeit with your good intention, children are destined to repeat the same mistake over and over again.

good sitting posture_ergonomic posture

Most of the time, children would slump back over in a hunch as soon as you walked away. You are not just purely annoyed by their bad standing posture or poor sitting posture but there is that one important health reason that leads you to feel mad and helpless.


Here are examples of incorrect postures which you could show to your kids:

☓ Improper reading distance that causes short-sightedness.


☓ Slouching that results in hunchback and scoliosis problems.


☓ NOT suitable for writing, reading and drawing.

☓ Unable to adjust table height for children of different age and height, resulting in unhealthy sitting posture.


☓ Hips not resting on the seat and feet off the ground, children get tired and lose focus



Here is the comparison of good sitting posture vs bad sitting posture:


Good sitting posture means that the key parts of a person’s body are correctly aligned and supported by the right amount of muscle tension while sitting. Many people spend long periods of time sitting down. Sitting incorrectly, especially at a desk, can be bad for back health and posture.


However, by knowing what a good sitting posture looks like and following a few simple rules, most people can learn how to self-correct and thus achieve good posture.


Solution to prevent incorrect sitting postures:



Today, Sunperry Kids has a solution for your child’s sitting posture problems. Health has become a major concern in today’s society for both children and adults alike. It is thus important to create a conducive learning environment for our children to grow and develop as well as stimulating their interest in learning at the same time.


Therefore an ergonomic study desk is essential to their health and well-being. With this in mind, Sunperry Kids has created a series Of ERGONOMIC learning tools that have been engineered with German technology and made from Eco-friendly materials. These products fulfill your expectations for a healthy and conducive learning environment and care for the future of your child.


Feel free to contact us or browse through our experience-filled profile and our top rated products today to give your child the best care they deserved!

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