A child’s room is his/her private retreat which plays a great role during the growing years. Hence, the furniture pieces should be durable enough to grow along with him/her. Out of all the furniture items, a study table is one such item that should only be bought after good planning and great research. This is because getting the right study desk and chair for your kids is important in helping them grow healthily and improve their attention.

Sunperry Kids brings you one of our best ergonomic study desk and chairs for your kids—— Prostar 2. Regarded as one of the most sought-after children furniture in the market, this set comes with:

  • Height adjustable table
  • Adjustable Tilt Top
  • Book/iPad holder
  • Scratch resistant desk surface
  • Soft close hydraulic system
  • Safety rounded edges
  • Prevent Pinch Points
  • Adjustable rubber stud
  • Hooks for bags
  • Mini book rack

Of course, we knew that good study desk has to be complemented with an equally great ergonomic chair. As a leading ergonomic chair supplier in Malaysia, we prioritize the healthy development of kids and offer our ergonomic chair sets with:

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Ergonomic design backrest
  • High-density foam
  • Auto pressure lock wheels
  • Footrest

Below is the dimension of our product:
Desk : 820(W) x 600(D) x 790-940mm(H)
Chair : 420(W) x 440(D) x 820-950mm(H) x 440-580mm(SH)

In order to study effectively, children must assume the correct sitting posture in order to improve their focus and concentration. If you wish to have the best for your kids, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our products. You could also take a look at our profile to understand our effort in giving our all to provide your child the best care they deserve.

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