Ergonomics tips to kids

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How your child could study effectively
May 17, 2018
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Modern study table Malaysia
May 18, 2018

Ergonomics tips to kids

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Most adults are aware of the benefits of ergonomics towards the bodies, minds, and spirits. We have learned from published research and our own experiences about the importance of proper posture, effective lighting, and ergonomic furniture. That’s a commendable practice! However, many of us have not paused to consider how our children could benefit from ergonomics. The fact is that they will be benefitted even more compared to adults! We just need to find a way to make ergonomics fun and exciting for them and they will do the rest!


What does ergonomics mean? Well, ergonomics definition can be likened to how an environment supports the natural movement of those who occupy it. Because of this, it is essential and plays a significant role in the children’s growth. Why is ergonomics important to them? As they move, the neuro-pathways in their brains connect. And an ergonomic environment that empowers their natural movements is extremely beneficial to their development. Teaching and training will be much more effective if you make it fun for them as well as educate them as to why this is important.


Children benefit from ergonomics in the following aspects

  • Long-term health
  • Movement
  • Lighting
  • Safety


Well let us delve into some ergonomic tips for children to make them healthy, here, shall we?


Ergonomics of kids sitting in front of the computer

  • The longer kids sit at a computer, the more time their backs are molded to whatever they sit on. Essentially, a variety of good sitting and standing places that fit their body will keep their bodies flexible and work for their many years of technology ahead.
  • Sitting: Kids need to sit comfortably on a chair that has an upright solid back support.
  • Feet: Children’s feet should be in front of the seat and placed flat on the floor when they are sitting. If a child’s legs are dangling, feet should be placed on objects such as phone book or step stool so that their feet lay flat and fully rested on the platform.
  • Shoulders and Arms: Shoulders and arms should be relaxed.
  • Wrists: Wrists should be in a neutral position, not bent up or down and level with elbows.
  • Breaks: Kids easily lose track of time. Schedule breaks from the screen for the kids to get real movement and hydrate with water.


Ergonomics lighting for kids

  • Children need natural light as it positively affects their concentration and helps to prevent computer vision syndrome.


Ergonomics safety for kids

  • An ergonomic setting also promotes the safety of our children. A variety of healthy postures whether playing or using the computer for homework will ensure good circulation. When a parent actually does what they are trying to encourage their children to do, it is the most impressionable. Demonstrate good posture and have fun doing it!

Still wondering how and what to provide your kids with to ensure their ergonomics are well taken care of? Sunperry Kids have the right study desk and chair for your kids! We are concerned about your children’s health and did massive research on how to encourage good sitting posture for your kids so that your kids would enjoy studying effectively and healthily.


We created a series of ERGONOMIC learning tools that have been engineered with German technology and made from Eco-friendly materials. These products fulfill your expectations for a healthy and conducive learning environment and care for the future of your child.


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